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May 22 2018


Host: I swing both ways.

Host: Violently. With a bat.

Host: Come get some, motherfucker.



There’s a website where you can learn ASL on your own and it is free and the woman on there, her name is Rochelle Barlow, she runs the site and she actually is a homeschool teacher and teaches ASL. I am passing this on to you guys cause most people on here is open-minded. Well, whoever of y’all reads this will possibly ignore this but if you are a curious george like me and wants to learn ASL she’s your gal. 

Rochelle has a free program called Learn ASL in 31 days, currently I am on day 10ish or 12, (idk I’m on learning my numbers currently) but I believe this site will help people that are either curious about ASL and just wants to learn, or actually is Deaf but can’t afford to going to actual class or something, or just hard of hearing. 

I am truly in love with learning with Rochelle, she isn’t those interpreters that will talk while she signs, (and I’ve searched through Youtube how to sign but the person talking will distract me and I would get confused) and it is all in video which is a good thing. I found her through Youtube, that’s where she has all her videos. Just check out her site. You’ll like it. 


I ran out of my meds on friday and still haven’t gotten a refill cuz the insurance company is a bag of dicks and my current mental state is both completely hollow and void of anything other than echoes but also it’s just a dizzying amount of noise and i hate it so fucking much

May 21 2018

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u know when you haven’t drawn for a few days and then when u go to draw again ur just: Shit how do you do this again?

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I’m doing a big thing :>

Please don’t repost/edit

Reblogs are fine

May 20 2018


The Mayor: you can tell me what happened, i won’t freak out.

The Colonel: that’s what you said last time.

The Mayor: i mean it this time.

The Colonel: that’s what you said last time.


Dark: *wake up in the middle of the night, Wilford an inch from his face* 

Wilford: We-calm down, its fine, no need to scream- we had this awesome  idea. 

Dark: whose we?!

Anti: *pops up from behind Wilford* we had this amazing idea 

Dark: Oh god there’s two of you. 

May 19 2018


Bing: What’s your biggest fear?

Chase: Being forgotten.

Bing: Damn that’s deep.

Bing: Mine is the Kool-Aid man but I feel kinda stupid about it now.


  You can’t run from the shadow.

  But you can invite it to dance.

  And that’s exactly what Wilford did.

  While everyone else crouched in fear, averted their eyes, and hid like cowards, Wilford stepped up, leaving all fathomable common sense behind him. He faced death in the eyes, a certain unavoidable demise, and befriended it. Looked past the appearance, beyond the soul.

  And the psycho invited it to dance.

  He offered the being his hand, a small smirk written on his lips. The others were long gone, fear overtaking them, leading them elsewhere. The being stared at his hand, eyebrows furrowed.

  “May I?” Wilford asked, raising an eyebrow. The dark ego in front of him mumbled, but then placed his hand in his. The pink male pulled him quickly, laughing as the other stumbled a bit. He then paused, placing his hand on the male’s shoulder. The male followed, except his hand was placed on Wilford’s hip.

  “I can’t believe you conned me into this.” He muttered, glancing at the pink entity’s face.

  “Why don’t you know Dark, I’m charming and irresistible?” Wilford grinned. Dark rolled his eyes, trying to hide a small smile.

  “The word’s ‘irritable’, Wilford.” He remarked, the smile cracking through.

  “It’s all the same. All words I learned last week.” Wilford stated slyly, grip tightening slightly. Suddenly, Dark tugged Wilford’s waist, causing him to trip a little.

  “Watch your step, Wil,” Dark laughed, “that’s for earlier.” He finished. Wilford scrunched up his face, eyes gleaming.


                                        I’m here again
                                      A thousand miles away from you
                                     A broken mess   
                                    Just scattered pieces of who I am

   Dark buried his face into the cusp of Wilford’s shoulder, inhaling a familiar scent, candy and melancholy. An odd but comforting smell. It often made Dark’s mind a whirlwind of memories, as it did now, the past flooding his mind.

                                    "William! William! Look! I
                                    got you some flowers!“ A bright eyed                                                                      Damien shouted, running up to his young
                                    friend. The smile he had displayed quickly
                                   disappeared once William shoved the plant
                                   in his mouth, attempting to eat it.
                                  ”WILLIAM NO!“

   Dark briefly smiled at the memory, thankful that that part of Wilford never changed. His glance shifted slightly to the side when he felt the hand on his back tense up a bit, a sure sign that Wilford was having flashbacks as well. Dark gently applied pressure onto his waist, letting him know that he was still there.

                                  I tried so hard
                                 Thought I could do this on my own
                                 I’ve lost so much along the way

                                “I dare you to jump.” A teenage Damien stated,
                                leaning up against an old oak fence, gazing
                               at the water spread beyond them in the middle of the night.
                               "Oh do you now?“ William asked slyly, raising an eyebrow.
                               Damien grinned. "I’ll do it if you do it.” William chuckled and
                               shook his head. He stuck out his hand and grinned.                                               Damien smirked and placed his hand in his. “BULLY!” They                                   both chanted as they jumped into the lake.

Then I see your face
                              I know I’m finally yours
                             I find everything
                            I thought I lost before

                          “Will! Will! Will, I got in!” Damien shouted, running towards his                              friend. “That’s my boy!” William exclaimed, grabbing Damien                               and ruffling his hair. “It’s out of state, Will you gotta come with                               me.” Damien explained, smiling brightly. William’s smile faded. “I                           can’t Damien. I have that Safari trip, I’m going to be gone for a                             few months.” Damien’s smile quickly faded.

                        Damien sat alone in his small house, hunched over his desk,                               working on his stack of papers. College was difficult. He turned                             his head at the sound of a knock, and raised his eyebrow. Who                            was out in the rain at this time of night? He answered the door,                            suspicions high. William stood in front of him, smiling widely.                                Damien’s eyes widened, tearing up slightly.
                     "Damien, I’m fucking cold!“  
                     "Hey, watch your language!” Damien laughed as he pulled him in,                         wrapping his arms around him and pressing his forehead to his.

                    You call my name
                    I come to you in pieces
                   So you can make me whole

They both held their breath, trying to regain themselves. Their grip loosened a bit, but they stayed in one another’s arms. Wilford tilted his head slightly, resting it on Dark’s.
   "The past sucks, huh?“ Wilford asked quietly. Dark didn’t answer, but the movement of his head on Wilford’s shoulder signified an agreeance. Wilford gave a lopsided smile. "Well, now we have the future to look forward too and-”
   "I love you.“ A voice muttered, barely loud enough to be heard.
   Wilford stopped his explanation, the weight of the words hitting him. He closed his eyes, still resting against Dark’s head.
   "I love you too.”

Day Three: Snow


   "Wilford, get out of the snow, you’re going to catch a cold.“ Dark scolded, standing in front of Wilford. He had his arms crossed, holding them a bit closer to his body then he normally did. The cold didn’t affect him much, after all he was cold most of the time. Wilford, however, wasn’t built to withstand the cold. He often got sick, leaving Dark to care for him. Wilford scrunched his face and crossed his arms, copying Dark’s pose.
   “No.” He stated simply, challenging Dark’s order. Dark sighed.
   “Wilford, we have business to attend to. Let’s go.” He restated, growing more frustrated by the moment. Wilford raised an eyebrow, and then plopped down into the snow. He sat on the ground, staring up at Dark. Dark inhaled slowly, looking down at the pink male who sat in the snow.
   “Wil,” he said, desperation increasing, “Get. Out.”
   “Darki,” Wilford mocked, “No. Way.” He fell back, forming a dent in the snow beneath him. He looked up at Dark, giving him a smug grin. “Come on Darki, you used to love the snow when we were kids!” Dark paused, thinking back to the past. After a moment he spoke.
   “Wil, that was a long time ago. Things aren’t the same anymore.” He explained, bringing his arms a bit closer to him. There was a brief silence before Wilford broke it.
   “Not for me it isn’t!” He cheered, throwing a clump of snow at Dark. Dark stumbled, taken aback. He stood still for a minute, before grinning slyly.
  “Now you’re going to get it, William.” He playfully threatened, his mixture of a blue and red aura growing greatly. Wilford’s eyes lightened up at the name.
   “We’ll have to see about – hey!” He exclaimed, cut off by a snowball hitting his chest. “Damien, Celine! At least let me finish my sentence!” He laughed, caught up in the memory of their past winters together. Usually, Dark would react, but he as well was caught up in the fun.
   “Can’t do Colonel, now prepare for war.” He chuckled, gathering more snow. Wilford ran in the opposite direction laughing, and Dark smiled to himself.
   Maybe snow wasn’t that bad after all.


May 18 2018

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William: You think you know about war. You don’t know the first thing about war.

Mark: You shoot people, right?






When a character doesn’t realize they’ve been, like, shot or whatever and they hand brushes against their side and comes away wet with blood, and they’re just staring at it like wtf is this and then their knees just totally give out on them and they sink down, maybe gasping a little as the reality finally hits them. That’s good stuff.

I see that, and raise you a character who knows they’ve been shot, but waits until the rest of their crew is out of sight to put their hand against the slowly spreading stain of blood on their shirt, then trying to steady their breathing so they can follow without letting on how injured they are.

Okay but like the character who doesn’t realize they’ve been hurt trying to see if everyone else is okay only to slowly realize that everyone is looking at them with mounting horror. Then they touch their side to find it’s wet and oh no

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The colonel has let himself go, haven’t you noticed?

That look in his eyes,

It just isn’t right.

That red… almost as deep as blood.

The blood he spilled.


Please don’t edit or repost, thank you.

May 17 2018

I know it’s past midnight but I’m trying to think which egos would eat Kit-Kats by snapping them into the normal pieces, which of them would just fucking bite the whole thing.

I haven’t got many so far

The Jims: they’d break it like you’re supposed to but they’d somehow end up with chocolate all over themselves.

Wilford: I feel like it’d depend on his mood tbh

Anti: he’d def just bite the fucker. Probably hold eye contact w/ anyone in the room the entire time too.

May 16 2018

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Uhm sketches of boys

May 15 2018

I’m just like picturing the first time Dr. Iplier witnesses Dark cracking his neck and doc nearly has a heart attack like maybe it’s in the middle of a meeting and Dark’s maybe speaking about something and in the middle of it he pauses to fix his neck before continuing like nothing happened and the good doctor almost falls out of his chair cuz it startles him so badly

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Some wkm + text posts.

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‘Til slowly I forget, and my heart starts shattering. And slowly then I see that u can’t break free’

Bad apple

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