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October 23 2017

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“Favourite Rattman painting”

Not the most faithful recreation but whatever…

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Chell!! This is a patreon gift for my friends Amii @zilllia <3 it was really fun to draw and i’m rly happy with how it turned out! :]

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don’t be cruel zacharie



y’all out here in 2017 saying ‘spoopy’ on some thin ice with god

Look if you have another word that perfectly captures the concept of “horror flavored but specifically in a way that is intended to be silly and not actually scary, that also evokes a strong feeling of nostalgia associated with childhood experiences of Halloween” I’m all ears motherfucker.

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daily wheatley #22
the WHEATBEAST has come….

October 22 2017





going through my microsoft word archives is great fun because i always find the wildest shit in there and by “the wildest shit” i mean the time i tried to rewrite the entire bible from scratch at the age of eleven and a half

“And so Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, and Eve turned to Adam and said, 'Nice going, loser.‘” 



whilst you were listening to avril lavigne, i learned the way of the Lord

Publish this I will buy it

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i see tf2′s doing great

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practice, i guess.

October 21 2017

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non-native english speakers are so intelligent and beautiful pass it on

October 19 2017

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The ability to stop?? I don’t know her


i don’t see enough platonic freemance headcanons like… they prob make silly faces at one another and Alyx jokingly calls Gordon “four eyes” and they do bad impressions of Dr. Magnusson together like!! theyre besties ok

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throwing my hat in the ring for this episode of Crowdsourced Mythbusters®, and I strongly believe that THIS PICTURE/POSE IS REAL. challenging, but real

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bless you

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October 18 2017

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Finished up the Freehoun drawing! Super proud of how this one turned out :D

Made Barney look a little more distressed than I’d planned- He was originally gonna be kinda pissed off / annoyed but I think I lined the eyebrows a little awkwardly so now he looks like a deer in headlights, haha.

Definitely looks better with the heads being changed. The angle and shape of the old one looked so awkward, heh,

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I actually got my style of drawing eyes from the Ace Attorney series and probably some 2D Disney movies as I grew up. :)


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